Point System

Point System

Total Points

The point system is broken down into 3 categories: Population, Player, and State Points

1 pt per 1000 people in population in either city limits or school district (all people in the school district not just enrollment)

Class C:
1 pt per appearance in last 5 years
2 pts per final 16 in last 5 years
3 pts per final 4 in last years

Class B:
3 pts per appearance in last 5 years
6 pts per final 8 in last 5 years
9 pts per final 4 in last 5 years

Teams have to option to choose city limits (or no city if not incorporated) or school district. If a player lived in that chosen area while playing baseball
for your team, over 35, or hometown rule; they are exempt from points regardless of level of play. Please keep in mind open enrolled students to your school district still
need to live within the city or school district to be exempt. Playing at any level is being on the "varsity" roster at any point in their time on the team

0 pts HS or less
1 pt JUCO/Community College
2 pts NAIA/DIV 3
3 pts DIV 2
4 pts DIV 1
5 pts Professional/Independent Leagues